Kingmaker - A Pathfinder Adventure

Witches and Trolls and Trollhounds, Oh my!

Pharast 4717 - Part 1

The Story

After spending time getting the kingdom in order, the group set out to meet with the witch to the south west of Candor.  Talking with the witch, and the party was able to get her to join the kingdom as long as they keep supplying her with her requested goods.  She will even make some magic items if they wish.

But the main purpose of this expedition is to clear out the trolls.  Getting to the trolls, the party was able to break in from above and work their way down into the caves.  The party has cleared out trolls and trollhounds at the entrance, and now they must enter a more rudely build cave system, where more death and destruction await.

Player Updates

Mike J. did not attend this session.


Changes to the magic item slots has been applied.  A magic item roll will be made for each district regardless of having a magic item slot available.  Additionally, the magic item rolled can have a value of 2 times the base value of the town.

Experience Gained

Main Characters Downtime XP Gained Current XP
Abigail Grace - 2800 36933
Aldric Tanner - 0 17623
Cora Bolger - 2800 36583
Horgrim Stoneskin - 6633 36933
Tony - 11856 36933

* Downtime must include 7 days Leading Kingdom & 7 days Adventuring.

Secondary Characters Downtime * Lvl Gain Level Mythic
Aywin Gilralei - 1 6 Tier 1:1
Erza Lighthart - 1 6 Tier 1:1
Zirul Il'non - 1 6 Tier 1:1

* Downtime must include 7 days Leading Kingdom each month.



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