Kingmaker - A Pathfinder Adventure

The Edge of the Known World

Abadius 4718 thru Calistril 4718

The Story

With winter setting in, much slowed down around Candor.  This didn't stop Abigail as she joined forces with Cora Bolger and [aywin-gilralei|Aywin]] to explore the far reaches of the kingdom.  The party explored to the foothills of the mountains to the East and clear to the Western edge of the Narlmarshes.

In the first month of exploration, the party found a dead unicorn in which the group decided to bring back to Candor.  The unicorn, know as "The Light",  is currently in Cora's crypt's cell, and is being attended to by her staff to maintain gentle repose and to take care of the body.

The second month the exploration party discovered an abandoned tower.  Working hard to clear the tower, the three almost met their death as they all become entranced by a elf that feeds off of the blood of others.  Finally clearing out this keep, the party decided to return to Candor and recover from their wounds.

Player Updates

Mike J., Ernie P., and Adam G. did not attend this session.


The play-by-post characters level advancement has been changed.  Their level is to be the APL-1 of the main characters.

Experience Gained

Main Characters Downtime XP Gained Current XP
Abigail Grace 31,28 3833 34133
Aldric Tanner 31,28 0 17623
Cora Bolger 31,28 3833 33783
Horgrim Stoneskin 31,28 0 30300
Tony 31,28 0 25077

* Downtime must include 7 days Leading Kingdom & 7 days Adventuring.

Secondary Characters Downtime * Lvl Gain Level Mythic
Aywin Gilralei 31,28  3 5 Tier 1:1
Erza Lighthart 31,28 3 5 Tier 1:1
Zirul Il'non 31,28 3 5 Tier 1:1

* Downtime must include 7 days Leading Kingdom each month.



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