Rorik Radzivil


Coming from a relatively successful family of merchants and architects, Rorik grew up in Restov in relative comfort. Though he good-natured, and had a decent enough head for figures and bookkeeping, it became fairly clear to his parents early on that Rorik was something of an oddity. The family had been consistent, if not particularly devout, Abadarans for as far back as they had records. Rorik though, seemed possessed by an inexplicable fervor. By the age of ten he had read both the Order of Numbers and The Manual of City-Building twice. When not eagerly helping members of the family in keeping the family accounts, he would pass the time making model cities out of wooden blocks or wandering through the markets absorbing the sounds and smells and the thronging energy of trade. Rorik’s odd past-times did not earn him many friends of his own age. His only common interest with many of his fellows was his fascination and love for Restov’s legendary swordlords, to which he could even claim a distant relation.

Unsure of how exactly to deal with their strangely precocious son, Rorik’s parents eventually settled on indulging his only two interests. They enrolled him into an apprenticeship at the local Temple of Abadar and acquired an evening tutor for him in the Aldori dueling style. Rorik took to both tasks with aplomb earning praise even from the taciturn Abadaran priests and placing well in a few junior dueling tournaments. Near the end of his apprenticeship in the Church of Abadar, Rorik was offered a position in the city watch, chasing cut-purses and patrolling along the city’s walls. For a few years, he felt a sort of ease and comfort which he had never experienced before. He was finally doing his part to maintain civilization and the safety of all.

As time wore on, he began to tire. There was no end to the cutpurses and tax-dodgers. He still considered his duty sacred, but he no longer felt personal enjoyment from it. Fulfillment had turned to tedium. So when he heard of the call from Restov’s swordlords to take back the Stolen Lands, he nearly jumped at the chance. He would have been the first to volunteer, but at that moment, the city watch was temporarily short-staffed and he felt duty-bound to remain until an adequate replacement could be found. Now he rides south, hoping to find a place among the other pioneers in the Stolen Lands.

Rorik Radzivil

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