Kingmaker - A Pathfinder Adventure

Trolling the Trolls

Pharast 4717 - Part 2

The Story

The party finished cleaning out the troll cave today, as they swept through a cave in the back of the fort made by the trolls.  Cleaning out some basic trolls, the party found themselves surrounded by a two heading troll, a rock troll, and the "king" of the trolls.

In the fight the followed, two party members were knocked unconscious at two different times, but they survived, and lived to loot the corpses of the fallen trolls.  Gathering their wits and gear, the group marched back only to find someone or something had come through Candor, leaving a destruction in the wake.

What did this? Who did this?  We will find out next time.

Player Updates

Mike J. did not attend this session.  I have removed Aldric Tanner from the experience list, but will keep Mike J. added as a player for when/if he is able to return.


Magic items will be rolled with a max value of 150% of the base item cost for the town.  This will max out at 150% of the base value for the size of the town.  This is for the magic item slots only.  The standard base value for a town reflects the value of an item that is always available.  (Note this is different to what was said in game.)

The values on the kingdom sheet will be updated to reflect this new ruling.

Experience Gained

Main Characters Downtime XP Gained Current XP
Abigail Grace 31 3800 40733
Cora Bolger 31 3800 40383
Horgrim Stoneskin 31 3800 40733
Tony 31 3800 40733

* Downtime must include 7 days Leading Kingdom & 7 days Adventuring.

Secondary Characters Downtime * Lvl Gain Level Mythic
Aywin Gilralei 31 1 6 Tier 1:1
Erza Lighthart 31 1 6 Tier 1:1
Zirul Il'non 31 1 6 Tier 1:1

* Downtime must include 7 days Leading Kingdom each month.



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