Kingmaker - A Pathfinder Adventure

The Lonely Burrow

Calistril & Pharast 4717 - Adventuring

The Story

The party explored more of the Greenbelt, while also finishing some of their quests.  In addition to helping two fey, they also had a run in with a Mad Hermit and his pet.  It was here they found a map that led them to a cave on the far east of the Greenbelt.

Entering this place, they dispatched some bats, skeletons, and an advanced wight.  But it was fruitful, as Abigail got a new short sword.  The party did some more exploring before heading back to Candor.

Player Updates

Conner W. has left the campaign.


The game now allows more rule books for use in the campaign.  A complete list of approved roll books can be found in the Roll20 Wiki Rules page.  To allow for characters to incorporate these new rules, the gold cost of retraining has been removed for the downtime month of Gozran 4717.

Experience Gained

VTT Character Downtime * XP Gained Current XP
Abigail Grace 30/31/30 2555 20377
Cora Bolger 30/31/30 2555 20027
Horgrim Stoneskin 30/31/30 2555 20377
Tony 30/31/30 2555 20377

* Each month should include 7 days "Leading Your Kingdom". The second two months should include 7 days Adventuring for each month.



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