Kingmaker - A Pathfinder Adventure

Story So Far

Gozran 11th, 4716 to Desnus 21st, 4716

Over the past month many things have happened to our adventuring party.  While the party's initial goal was to explore the Greenbelt, they have found themselves in a fight for their lives against the local bandits.

While Abigail Grace's distaste of banditry has made it easy for her to deal with this threat, the ex-bandit half-orc, Krudge, has not made it any easy for her as he was another member assigned to their make shift party to clear the land.  A dwarven druid name Horgrim Stoneskin has sometimes stepped in to defuse the situation, but many times just pulls out his ale and watches the fireworks.

However, this has not been their only trial as the party has had a run in with a werewolf, a group of trolls, a Will-O-Wisp, and many other creatures of the wild.  It was one of these encounters, that the flirtatious sorcerer name Crystal, found herself on the wrong end of two bear claws.

With the loss of Crystal, it looked as if the party was about to fall appart.  A new to the faith paladin found it best to leave the party as well.  His goal being to help defend the party, if found that he wasn't quite up to the task.  He didn't leave them though until after a half-elf named Tony came looking for Crystal.  Once he found out her death, he said he couldn't go home, and would stay with the party, should the allow him.  They quickly found themselves in a fight with another bear, but this time to save a halfling female name Cora Bolger.  With their help, Cora was able to clear out a lost temple, and she now has joined them to help share the faith and glory of Sarenrae.

The party has spend many days exploring the lands and still have some land to explore, while also finishing off the bandit threat known as the Stag Lord.  He has a fort in the deep south of the Greenbelt, which the party is getting ever closer to approaching and clearing out.  Much more is in store for our heroes.  Only time will tell if our heroes have much more time.



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