Kingmaker - A Pathfinder Adventure

Stag Lord's Fort - Part 2

Sarenith 23rd, 4716 - Erastus 8th, 4716

The Story

The group finished cleaning out the fort, and then preceded to clear out the the hill behind it.   The party sent word from the fort to announce the clearing of the Bandit King.  They waited to make sure no one would take it back after leaving, yet held it incase it was needed.

The party didn't have to wait long as a reply via Magic Male was sent granting the players the right to found and build a kingdom in the Greenbelt.  The party had just received word, and started to take down some notes when we had to leave them until next time.  Only the player's know where they will go from here.

Player Updates

Hamalkar B. did not attend.  All players have 10 days of downtime to spend.


I think the sound worked better today.  We also started to fill out the Kingdom spreadsheet.  It seems to be working well. We have only worked with the Kingdom sheet, and only a little bit at that.  But so far it seem good.

Experience Gained

Character XP Gained Current XP
Abigail Grace 1200 13552
Cora Bolger 1200 12002
Horgrim Stoneskin 1200 12462
Rorik Radzivil 0 9210
Tony 1200 13552



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