Kingmaker - A Pathfinder Adventure

Founding of Candor

Erastus 8th, 4716 - Lamashan 8th, 4716

The Story

The group started their fledgling kingdom and fix up what use to be the Stag Lords fort, and has turned it into Candor Castle. This mighty castle marks the starting place of their kingdom as it sits overlooking the hills to the north and the Tuskwater lake to the south.

As resources and people start to move into the kingdom, its boards already started to expand with improvements to be had on those new lands.  After a couple of months, a few in the party felt the call of the wild, and again setup to explore around their kingdom's boarders.

While doing this Grim, Abigail, and Cora found themselves fighting some wild beast, but was able to handle them with little effort.  It is here that we left them.

Player Updates

Hamalkar B. did not attend. Ernie P. did not attend.


No updates.

Experience Gained

VTT Character Downtime XP Gained Current XP
Abigail Grace 65 1800 15352
Cora Bolger 65 1800 13802
Horgrim Stoneskin 65 1800 14262
Rorik Radzivil 65 900 9210
Tony 65 900 13552
PBP Character Downtime XP Gained Current XP
Aywin Gilralei 65 900 900
Erza Lighthart 65 900 900



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